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Portable PA Systems

The need to have a completely wireless and portable PA system can easily be met with the recent release of some new Portable PA products ranging from the cost effective and compact Focus 505 unit right up to the big daddy Mipro MA808. Applications for portable PA systems include auctioneers, retirement villages, meeting rooms, travelling entertainers, schools, sports clubs, weddings or anywhere you need sound without the fuss of cabling and mains power.

Below we give you an overview of some of the models available from Buzz Audio. For pricing please either contact us or visit our online store at Audioshop.

Chiayo Focus 505

At 30 watts this unit is perfect for the smaller gatthering and will comfortably cover up to 100 people seated together. If you need more coverage, you can use two units sharing the same mic's or add a battery powered extension speaker. Up to 2 wireless mic's can be used with the 505. Despite it's small size and light weight, this unit has a big sound!

Options for the Focus 505 include handheld and lapel wireless microphones, tripod speaker stand, carry bag, headworn mic, and built in CD/MP3/USB player.

Download the Focus 505 Brochure pdf.
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Chiayo Challenger 1000

A step up from the Focus 505 is the Challenger 1000 featuring a 75 watt amplifier and 2 way speaker system. This unit is suited to larger gatherings up to 300 people indoors and comes with a one wireless mic receiver and a CD/MP3/USB player with remote as standard. The Challenger has a retractable handle and trolley wheels for easy portability.

Options for the Challenger include an additional wireless mic receiver, tripod stand, protective cover, handheld or lapel mic's, and headworn mic.

Download the Challenger Brochure pdf.
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Mipro MA-808

The big daddy of portable PA, the Mipro MA-808 has a 250 watt power amplifier and a horn loaded high frequency driver for the ultimate in voice projection. The 808 will comfortably project sound across a football field and is suitable for gatherings up to 1500 people, for Aerobics where music and voice are needed at high volume and outdoor use (however the unit is not completely waterproof).

The unit accomodates up to 2 wireless mic receivers and a wireless interlinking module to intelligently link two MA-808 units. A retractable handle and trolley wheels and storage compartments for the mic's complete the picture.

Options for the MA-808 include handheld or lapel type mics, headworn mic's, CD/MP3/USB player with remote, and tripod stand.

Visit the Mipro website for more detail.
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